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EHS Manager+ Occupational Safety

The EHS Manager+ occupational health and safety software covers all important occupational health and safety tasks, from risk assessments and protocols to pandemic plans.

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Time-saving and simple health and safety documentation from A-Z.

Benefits of EHS Manager+ Occupational Safety Sifa covers the most important content in the area of occupational health and safety.

Time saving

Thanks to the consistent work process, you save an enormous amount of time when creating the documentation for all health and safety documents.

All health and safety templates can be customised

All templates supplied as well as self-created templates can be customised and extended without limit.

Photo documentation

The existing situations can be documented quickly and easily at any point using a photo. This considerably simplifies the processing of defects, also because overall action plans are created automatically.

Overall action plans

All measures are clearly summarised in an overall action plan.

Customer portal

Make all your documents available to your internal or external customers. Easy online access via any browser

Activity reports/ annual report

Create your activity report on all occupational health and safety tasks performed and their status at the touch of a button.

The software is divided into the following areas and has the following advantages, among others:

  • Documentation in occupational health and safety. Those responsible for occupational health and safety, occupational safety specialists or safety officers can quickly and easily document all the necessary documents
  • Action plans are generated automatically at the touch of a button.
  • Customer portal. Internal and external customers can view the documents and action plans created in a structured manner and retrieve them at any time.
  • Documenting and managing health and safety content has never been easier. Online and offline.

Occupational safety documentation

Comprehensive occupational health and safety management software

  • Quick and easy creation of health and safety documentation
  • Creation of risk assessments
  • Create and customise protocols and checklists
  • Efficient templates in the form of customised checklists and risk assessments
  • Customisable templates for different areas and applications, developed by health and safety experts from the field
  • Online, offline-capable software that can be edited on mobile devices as well as on the PC
  • Data backup and data protection at the highest level on the connected servers
  • Data synchronisation and synchronisation of data across all end devices

The applications are developed by experts (occupational safety specialists and company doctors, work equipment inspectors) from the field and are constantly being improved in daily use.

Whether on the road, on site in the company, in the office or on business trips, you benefit from a consistent work process on mobile devices as well as on the PC.

The fundamental difference to other occupational safety applications is that the software has been developed from practical experience. According to the motto: Expertise was poured into a software and not the software was adapted to the expertise. The ongoing improvements and ideas for optimising the software come not only from the users of the software, but above all from our partners. The occupational safety specialists and occupational physicians who use this application in their daily work also provide input.


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