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Occupational safety seminars.
Simple. Online. Precisely targeted.

Our online training courses in occupational health and safety offer you further training opportunities at the highest level

Further training in occupational health and safety is always important!

Together with our experts, we have designed online training courses that offer you the flexibility you need.

In these new online formats, experienced experts, Competences and skills that are relevant for individual employees as well as entire teams! A selection of currently relevant online training courses can be found below in the contact form.

The seminar is organised and designed by our partner Diemer GmbH

Online seminar- Occupational health and safety

In the areas of Occupational safety, occupational health and safety, occupational medicine and testing of work equipment, online seminars are held on the basis of legal requirements. In this way, we offer you the opportunity to further advance the necessary occupational safety tasks in the current situation and beyond.

Experts from the field will guide you through the content with high quality.

  • Advantage of the seminars: Time and cost savings.
  • Less time required due to minimisation of downtimes
  • Participants include employees responsible for occupational health and safety, safety officers, authorised persons and employees who are to take on occupational health and safety tasks.

Diemer GmbH's training courses cover a wide range of occupational safety topics, such as occupational safety, health protection, fire protection, ergonomics and data security. They can be booked by individuals as online training or as on-site training at your company.

Overall, Diemer GmbH's online training courses offer an effective and flexible solution for companies that want to train and develop their employees in occupational health and safety. With modern technologies and personalised learning paths, our training courses help to improve the learning process for employees and increase occupational safety in the company.

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